A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

We have just started our farm.  We look to expand in 2023.  More animals, more garden, more honey, more all!   Look for us on Main Street in Hartford NY selling fresh farm to table produce.  

Cultivating for the future

Delaney Farms Co is constantly changing.  Constantly looking into the future.  Is there a better way to farm?  How can we re-use and recycle? 

Solar.  Using solar is obviously the way to go.  Powering fences, lights, pumps irrigation.  

Composting.  Composting is great for the environment… everyone should practice composting.  It cuts down on waste and gives us a usable, rich byproduct.  

Heirloom.  Open Pollinated Heirloom seeds cross pollinate naturally.  We can create different hybrids using this method rather than GMO.  

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